Homza CFO Value Pyramid

The Homza CFO Value Pyramid is a visual depiction of where I spend my time with clients over the course of a typical engagement. My goal is to spend as much time as possible working with key executives but it is critical that I spend time working at all levels of the pyramid. Often, there is some foundational work that needs to be done before a company can start to move forward. Homza-Value-Pyramid

The Homza Success Curve

The Homza Success Curve is an illustration of how a little bit of success everyday creates a huge impact over time. Success-Curve_01

Homza Continuous Improvement Cycle

Change needs to be implemented methodologically and for a reason, otherwise it can lead to chaos. The Homza Continuous Improvement cycle is an illustration of how I think about change in a business. Continuous-Improvement-Cycle_03-A

Solving The Results Puzzle

Results don’t happen unless all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. The next time you are planning to take action, I suggest you make sure there are no missing pieces. Homza-Solving-The-Results-Puzzle

The Three Financial Statements

Everyone involved in running a business should understand how the three financial statements fit together and their role in helping one understand the complete financial picture. Keep this diagram at hand as a reference to help you do just that.

Homza Portfolio Report Card

This is a real example of how a number of my companies are performing as well as a yardstick to use in viewing your own company’s results.

Critical Skills Of The C-Suite

In addition to domain expertise and being well rounded, every executive must possess these seven skills in order to be successful.
Solving The Results Puzzle

The Power of Prediction: Creating Your Future

Can you really create your own future? Absolutely. Below is a real example where we managed to triple the size of the company and increase profits nearly 8-fold. Would you like results like these?
Homza_The Power of Prediction_Creating Your Future