Financial Growth Programs

Although we can custom tailor individual fractional CFO programs to meet a particular need, many new clients find it helpful to enter using one of our pre-defined offerings.


  • Complete access to Ken’s experience base working with over 30 companies on strategic and financial issues
  • Typical discussion points often include strategic issues, financial matters, reporting and key metric utilization but there is no limit to the kind of questions that can be asked
  • Available for consultation with CEO

  • Issue assessment, diagnosis and recommendation
  • Ready access to CFO perspective
  • Financial coach for the CEO


  • Includes above PLUS
  • Access is expanded to lead finance person
  • Attendance (live or via conference call) at monthly financial review meeting
    • Agenda management, expectations for meeting, guidance on effective financial reporting, etc.
    • Key questions, advance review and reporting preparation comments
  • Setting expectations for next meeting
  • Between meeting follow up as required

  • All of the above PLUS
  • Greater understanding of financial statements and company financial position by those in attendance
  • Improved financial reporting and better business decision making as a result


  • Includes above PLUS
  • Access expanded to entire executive team
  • Oversight of budget preparation and longer term plan by internal staff
  • Business partnership role to be defined based upon client needs
  • Attendance at various management team meetings (to be agreed)

  • All of the above PLUS
  • Fractional member of management team who focuses on understanding your business through the numbers
  • Framework for comparing monthly results to expectations
  • Long term financial vision via long term plan


  • Includes above PLUS
  • Weekly presence and interaction with company on a regular basis
  • Written commentary on monthly results versus plan
  • Development of annual budget
  • Development and maintenance of 3-5 year financial plan
  • Unlimited access by management team
  • Participation in decision making in related areas (HR, Compensation, IT, tactical decision making, etc.)

  • All of the above PLUS
  • Accounting and finance team has dotted line reporting relationship to Homza
  • Ken will drive changes to financial reporting, key metrics and how the team thinks about the business
  • Includes development of budget and long term financial plan

** All programs are intended to be long term in nature, but there is no long term commitment required.

** Out of scope items may be added at prevailing rates to be agreed prior to commencement of activity.