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May – What’s a Balance Sheet . . . Not the Answer You Expect!
Apr – Slow Down
Mar – One Quarter of the Way
Feb – Keep Learning
Jan – What Do You Measure Before There Are Results?


Dec – A Banker, Lawyer and CPA
Nov – D to the 4th Power
Oct – Cash Is King . . . Why I Ignore The King!
Sept – Seven Basic Steps of My Monthly Review Process
Aug – Interrupt the Pattern
July – Power User
June – Clearing Your Mind
May – Finance 001
Apr – A Broken Cog
Mar – Abuse of Power
Feb – Deals 101
Jan – Setting Budgets


Dec – Risk:  Assess, Mitigate, and Take!
Nov – Financial Reporting Insights
Oct – Disparate Pieces of Advice
Sept – Charts and Graphs
Aug – Non-Business Business Lessons: Part 2
July – No Distractions
June – What Are You REALLY Paying For?
May – Turning Five Minutes of Work into Fifteen
April – Low Probability Shots
Mar – Non-Business Business Lessons
Feb – February 30th Newsletter
Jan – Precise Communication: Sometimes All The Digits Matter


Dec – $62.50 for a Cup of Tea!?
Nov – Right or Right Now?
Oct – Short versus Long Term
Sept – A Strong Balance Sheet
Aug – Present or Engaged?
July – Digging Deep
June – Data and Facts
May – Memorial Day
Apr – Policy
Mar – A Plan For A Plan For A Plan
Feb – The Worker
Jan – Injured Dog Brings People Together


Dec – Recovery
Nov – Give Thanks
Oct – Three Ages In The Workforce
Sept – Communicating via The Hub and Spoke Method:  Avoid It!
Aug – What Do You Believe?
July – Are You Too Social?
June – Improve The Situation
May – Set The Tone
Apr – Hollowness
Mar – Covid-19 Crisis: Were You Prepared?
Mar – Spend!  Lessen The Dip While We Flatten The Curve
Feb – Slack Capacity And Time To Just Think
Jan – Setting Goals


Dec – Tips For Rounding
Nov – It Costs Too Much
Oct – Are You Prepared For Growth?
Sept – Technology as an Impediment 
Aug – Firsts
July – How Efficient Are You?  And How Do You Know?
June – Are You Getting The Coaching You Deserve?
May – It’s Not Their Fault
April – Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Mar – What’s In Your Job Description?
Feb – Buckle Down
Jan – Boat Anchors


Dec – Knowing What You Don’t Know
Nov –  Random Questions
Oct – Keep Working The Problem
Sept – How Much?
Aug – Inflicting Pain
July – You Never Know
June – My Seven P’s of Performance
May – What’s Your Line of Sight?
April – Are You Watching Your RADAR?
Mar – The Statement of Cash Flows
Feb – The Written Word
Jan – The Elevator Ride


Dec – What A Year!
Nov – Don’t Sell . . . Help Them Buy
Oct – Who’s Selling For You?
Sept – Do You Read Too Much?
Aug – Introduction: Marketing Meet Operations
July – Persistence Pays
June – Easy Come . . . Not So Easy Go
May – Expert Advice vs. The Opinion of Others
April – Watch Your Language
Mar – Are You Out Over Your Ski Tips?
Feb – Building A House
Jan – Delays Beget Delays


Dec – The Voting Process: Revisited
Nov – Lost or Found?
Oct – When Customers Care Enough to Complain
Sept – I Don’t Golf
Aug – Calling All Bankers
July – I Don’t Do Losses
June – Distill
May – The Extra Mile
April – Transition Planning 101
Mar – A Long Term Vision And Consistent Performance
Feb – That Don’t Impress Me Much
Jan – We Need A Process


Dec – Stayman’s Law
Nov – The Lesson of $1.82
Oct – Customer Service Sells a Jeep
Sept – Is Your Company “Grown-Up”?
Aug – Turbulence
July – Keep It Real
June – So, You Need Money?
May – Bull’s-eye
Apr – Growth
Mar – Smooth
Feb – Profit Culture
Jan – Understanding


Dec – Looking Back to Look Forward
Nov – Speed
Oct – The Criticality of H2O to Your Business Model
Sept – Is Your Pool of Capital Sufficient?
Aug – The Rest of the Year
July – Should You Fire You?
June – What Can You Learn from a Waterfall?
May – Do You Have An Effective Board?
Apr – Putting The Customer Last
Mar – Hustle
Feb – Pay More Taxes
Jan – Are You Using The Right Tools?


Dec – What’s Driving You?
Nov – What Are You Driving?
Oct – Doing Things “Righter”
Sept – Strategy vs. Exectution
Aug – (Little) Buying Influencers
July – Loyalty vs. Inertia
June – The Art of Delegating
May – Less Is More
Apr – What Is Your CFO Thinking About?
Mar – Do What You Should: Not What You Want
Feb – Be Here Now
Jan – Titles Don’t Matter


Dec – Synthesis
Nov – Action
Oct – Are You Driving Business Away?
Sept – Thinking Beyond Tomorrow
Aug – Exit Timing
July – Effective Boards
June – Push Back
May – Critical Skills (Cont’d)
Apr – Critical Skills In The C-Suite
Mar – Let The Numbers Be Your Guide
Feb – The CFO Who Knew Too Much
Jan – How’s The Economy?


Dec – Juggling Cash
Nov – Simplify
Oct – What’s Your Deadline?
Sept – A Clerical Error Causes Bankruptcy
Aug – Working With Your Banker
July – What Are Your Accounts Receivable Worth?
June – Fun vs. Hard Work
May – Stay Motivated
Apr – The Differentiator
Mar – Practical Spreadsheet Advice
Feb – Ticonderoga No. 2
Jan – What’s Your Right To Exist?


Dec – Change
Nov – Don’t’ Be Too Much Like The Big Guys
Oct – Competing Silos
Sept – Is Ignorance Bliss?
Aug – Are You Busy Or Bored?
July – Are You Working On The Business?
June – Sustainable Growth
May – Differentiate
Apr – Set The Agenda
Mar – Assess The Situation
Feb – To Whom Are You Accountable?
Jan – Water the Plants!


Dec – Strive For Perfection
Nov – Only The First Two Digits Matter
Oct – Too Many Lines
Sept – I Love A Good Audit
Aug – Questions
July – OK To Pay
June – Watch The Strong Links Too
May – The Weakest Link
Apr – Risk
Mar – Truthful Financial Results Are A Mirror
Feb – End the Debate … Decide!
Jan – Don’t Just Survive … Thrive!


Dec – The Ripple Effect
Nov – The (Voting) Process
Oct – Planning in Volatile Times
Sept – 33.33% of Life Is Just Showing Up
Aug – Fix Your Small Problems First
July – Step One
June – It’s A System
May – Let’s Talk Strategy
Apr – Because It matters
Mar – Get the Answers You Want
Feb – Don’t’ Go Too Big
Jan – Watch for Red Flags


Dec – Update for 2008!
Nov – Spend It Like it’s Your Own
Oct – What’s The Result?
Sept – What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There!
Aug – Accounting Versus Financial Management
July – Who’s The Push?
June – It’s About Will
May – Be Accountable To The Facts
Apr – Are You Avoiding Profits?
Mar – What Is Profit?
Feb – Financial Statements Don’t Mean Very Much
Jan – Who’s Your CFO?


Dec – Is $10 Real Money?
Nov – Keep the Pressure On
Oct – How’d Your Business Do Last Week?
Sept – Mark It On Your Calendar
Aug – Plan For The Unexpected
July – It’s Mid Year . . . Are You In Control?
June – Key Indicators Force A Business To Maintain Focus
May – Components Of A Financial Plan Should Hang Together
Apr – Why Have a Financial Plan?