Your Cash Is Flowing Are you a financially savvy entrepreneur? When you run a company, no matter its size, what you don't know can hurt your bottom line. In Your Cash is Flowing, financial expert Ken Homza presents a crash course in what you should know about the financial side of your business. Sharing real-world stories of his experiences with over thirty companies across a wide range of industries, Homza shares a wealth of information in an accessible, conversational writing style.

Conversation with Joe Sherrer – In the Crucible

All Chief Financial Officers care about is revenue and costs, right? Not so says, Ken Homza, an expert fractional CFO and author of Your Cash is Flowing: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Think Like a CFO. Having done the job …

Having The Confidence To Ignore Naysayers

In today’s podcast Ken concludes the series by warning against listening to naysayers.

Working On Your Business, Not In The Business

Ken explores the differences between working on your business and working in your business.

Distill Your Business To Your True Passion

Ken shares ways to distill your business to its most basic elements and be true to your passion using a simple framework.

The Key Internal And External Factors That Impact Your Business

Ken discusses dealing with factors that can impact your business and the importance of recognizing which ones are critical to your success.

Commitment To Achieve Your Goal

Ken stresses the importance of having a serious commitment to your long-term goals when faced with obstacles and challenges.

Turning Your Vision Into Meaningful Projections

Solid Grounding In Historical And Current Financial Position

In today’s podcast Ken examines the importance of accurate financial records. Click here to hear the previous podcast in this series.  

The Power of Prediction: Creating Your Future – Introduction

Ken introduces this new series to share with you the seven keys to the Power of Prediction.

Seven Things To Think About Over The Next Seven Years

In today’s podcast Ken asks you to consider how seven different scenarios could impact your business.