Your Cash Is Flowing: Why every entrepreneur needs to think like a CFO is a book for entrepreneurs who want to increase their financial literacy and profitability. Ken Homza is a leading fractional chief financial officer (CFO) who has worked with more than thirty companies to solve business problems, turn losses into profits, and achieve organizational goals. Homza believes that the financial intelligence of most entrepreneurs is far too low, and he has made it his mission to bring a greater level of financial knowledge to businesses across the globe.

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“Ken Homza captures the essence of why financial statements and cash flow are so critical to the entrepreneur and small business. As Ken Morris from MIT stated to entrepreneurs many years ago, “Cash Flow is more important than your mother.” Financial statements quantify how an enterprise is using resources to create customer value and generate profits. Homza’s book simplifies this thinking and will help you fully understand the importance of these intricacies.”

Ken Harrington
Managing Director
Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Washington University in St. Louis