Module 2: Your Financial Position:
Diving Into The Numbers
Spending Time With Your Financial Statements
How much time do you spend? Hear Ken’s recommendation for an effective monthly process.
Chapter 12: Are Your Struggles Internal?
Communication about financial results is critical to having an effective team. Learn why!
Follow The Trend
Historical trends help you understand the past but change the future!
Reviewing Income Statement Trends
Hear Ken talk about why reviewing trends is critical and how he does it.
Practical Example: Income Statement Trends Workbook
This workbook provides an example of how trends should be analyzed.
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The Balance Sheet And Statement Of Cash Flows: Tying It All together
If you only look at your income statement, you are not getting the full picture of your business.
The Three Financial Statements Overview
Keep this visual at hand to remind yourself of how the 3 key financial statements work together.
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Practical Example: Balance Sheet And Statement Of Cash Flows
Use this example to help you understand your own balance sheet and statement of cash flows.
Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flow
Diving Into The Numbers: Wrap Up
Ken encourages you to develop questions about your financial statements, answer over the coming months and gain greater profitability in the process.
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