Module 4: Action
Almost An Oxymoron: Let’s Talk About Action
Learn Ken’s framework for evaluating, measuring and taking decisive action.
The Homza Success Curve
An illustration of how a little bit of success everyday creates a huge impact over time. Click here to view
Chapter 5: A Broken Cog Slows All Wheels
If the organizational wheels are grinding, you can be assured that you are missing profit opportunities. Click here to read
Fixing Three Small Problems
Start to develop your own success curve by fixing three problems. Even if they are small, they’ll start you on your way! Click here to view
The Homza Continuous Improvement Cycle
Change needs to be implemented methodologically and for a reason, otherwise it can lead to chaos. Click here to view
Continuous Improvement Challenge Worksheet
Use this accountability worksheet to help you tackle a larger problem and implement using the Homza Continuous Improvement Cycle methodology. Click here to view
Chapter 7: Driving For Results
Set the agenda, push to meet your goals and use deadlines to develop a sense of urgency.
Click here to read
The Homza Results Puzzle
Results don’t happen unless all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. Make sure you are not missing any! Click here to view
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