Module 7: Having A Vision
The Financial Model As A Roadmap
Hear Ken relate financial modeling to a GPS and a traditional roadmap and the critical distinction between the two!
Chapter 10: Looking Outside Your Four Walls
If you don’t consider outside influences you will find that you have ceded control to externalities. Click here to read
The Value Of Scale
Are you limited in your thinking? Apply the questions that Ken poses in this audio segment to your business.
Your Long Term Vision
Get away from day to day distractions and let yourself imagine the greater possibilities that lie ahead.
Self Assessment Worksheet: Your Long Term Vision
Use this worksheet to assess your long term vision and challenge yourself to envision a remarkably different future. Click here to view
Chapter 8: It’s Uncertain Out There – Plan For It
Considering various events that could impact your business is of tremendous value when things don’t go according to plan (which is almost all the time). Click here to read
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