Module 1: Assessment And Goals
What Is Your Financial IQ?
Take a 12 question quiz to determine your financial IQ.
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Your Cash Is Flowing Video
Watch Ken as he talks about why it’s so important that business owners and entrepreneurs engage with their financial statements and become good consumers of financial information.
The Business Model Defined
Learn the definition of the term “Business Model”. It’s not as intimidating as many think.
Business Model Definitions Reference Material
Keep this reference material as a reminder of the definition of a business model.
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My Best Advice for Business Owners
Learn to develop your own mental model for how your business works.
Business Self Assessment
Hear Ken walk you through the following self assessment worksheet.
Self Assessment: Your Relationship With Your Business
Ask yourself some key questions about your business and personal goals.
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The Purpose Of Financial Statements
Listen to Ken talk about the true purpose of financial statements.
Chapter 1: Accounting 201
Not about debits and credits but rather about the whys and hows of financial statement preparation.
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Restructure Your Financial Statements
Take some specific action to get more value out of your financial statements.
Before & After Financial Statements
An actual example of what many financial statements look like . . . and how they should look.
Restructure Your Financial Statements: Before
Restructure Your Financial Statements: After

Module 2: Your Financial Position: Diving Into The Numbers →