Are You Getting The Coaching You Deserve? (June 2019)

Earlier this  month I spent a day with Alan Weiss, PhD.  He’s a thought leader in the consulting field and you can learn more about him at  I’ve been a member of his community for a number of years and every time I spend time with him, I learn something which I use to provide more value to my clients.  Dr. Weiss is to my right in the rear-center of the photo. 

Everyone can benefit from coaching in some area of their lives and every business can benefit from a good coach or consultant in some areas. Those who are at the top of their field do not operate in a vacuum. They are actively seeking out people who have a specific expertise that they do not possess themselves and soliciting their help to improve their skill set.

Think about any professional athlete. They have one or more coaches to help them and push them to the next level. Too many people think that needing a coach exposes a weakness. In fact, just the opposite is true. Acknowledging that others know more than you in a particular area is a sign of confidence and acknowledgement that you have growth opportunities. If you don’t first admit that you have room to improve, how else can you make progress? If you’re serious about your personal success or that of your business, then you owe it to yourself to get the coaching that you need to achieve the next level. 

After my day with Dr. Weiss, I got some more coaching but this time at SPEEDVEGAS in a Ferrari 488 GTB. With each lap my time improved as I took direction and learned from an instructor (Justin) who was sitting in the passenger seat.  He coached me through handling the turns and made sure I was on the gas as quickly as possible to give the car the maximum runway to reach 145 MPH down the half mile straightaway before braking into the chicanes. There is simply no way I would have been able to reach that speed without a coach.

So, as you think about your business and where it could use improvement, think about who can coach you in that area.  Where do you need to step on the gas, apply some brake, shift gears or change direction? If it’s in the area of finance or profit improvement, I hope you’ll give me a call.

If your business could benefit from fractional CFO services, I would welcome the chance to speak with you.  Please give me a call at (314) 863-6637 or send an email to [email protected]

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