Buckle Down (February 2019)

Sometimes accomplishing a goal takes more effort than you’re accustomed to putting in. No matter how hard you might be working, there are times when you realize that the current level of effort isn’t quite enough and you just have to buckle down and do more. Virtually every successful person has at times realized they need a greater level of input if they want to achieve their goals.  Whether it be the athlete who realizes that they are getting outplayed by their peers, the student who is not making the grade, or someone in the workforce who is staring at a deadline they might not be able to meet, the question for all of us is how do we respond when we are faced with such a realization. Do the competitive juices kick in or do we lay down and quit? These character building moments, small as they may seem at the time, define us over the long term.

I run a pretty crowded schedule all year, but January and February are unusually demanding so I just have to pick up the pace during the first two months of the year. I know this coming into the year and even though I try to prepare for it as much as possible in advance, January and February are always packed.

For yourself, your colleagues, and workforce (be it a small number or hundreds or more) and even those around you in your personal life, how do you and they respond when there is a need to buckle down? Long term success is made up of meeting short term goals albeit with a longer term vision in mind.

Some of the short term goals that drive long term success are external. Delivering a product or service to a customer by a specific date is an example of an external goal. Other goals are internally imposed. An example of an internal goal might be the prompt entry of time reporting. I’ve seen this routine task be the perpetual source of procrastination and angst in some companies while I’ve seen other companies who meet this simple challenge with a no-fail attitude. Another internal example might be the schedule with which a new software suite is implemented. Is there true commitment to buckle down and hit the goal or is it something that you are just “hoping” to hit?

And on the topic of deadlines, they need to be well reasoned. Simply throwing out idealistic dates assures failure for most. Sure, it worked for Steve Jobs who was often able to bend reality to his desires but it’s not a practice on which most should rely.

So, do you and your team understand when it’s time to buckle down and do you have the character to do so?

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