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All Chief Financial Officers care about is revenue and costs, right?

Not so says, Ken Homza, an expert fractional CFO and author of Your Cash is Flowing: Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Think Like a CFO.

Having done the job for many years and a number of firms, Ken asserts that a great CFO is one who provides not only the financial leadership of the company, but also acts as a crucial member of the leadership team, especially as a key advisor to the CEO.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

– Why a CFO must partner with the CEO to implement the long term vision of the company

– Where the CFO lies on the value pyramid of finance and accounting

– The all-important role of relationships, communication, and coordination

– 7 key leadership traits of of CFO (or anyone in the C-suite)

– How the CFO acts as the financial “educator” for the leadership team

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