Digging Deep (July 2021)

There are times when the task at hand simply requires more than the usual amount of effort.  Maybe it’s a deadline that is tighter than usual.  Perhaps the project is more difficult for some reason or has a unique component.  Or possibly you’re just exhausted from prior efforts and really need a break but just don’t have time.  Moments like these are when it’s time to summon one’s inner strength.

This past week I’ve spent most of my spare evening time flipping between the various channels carrying the Olympics.  Not only have the athletes put forward exceptional effort over many years but there have been countless moments of failure on full display in which contestants had to summon their inner strength and push forward.  I’ve seen runners trip and fall, weightlifters fail, pole vaulters miss a height they’ve made countless times before, gymnasts stumble on a landing or lose their balance on the beam, and divers hit the water ever so slightly out of line from perfect.

In almost all of these cases, the athlete had just a few moments to collect themselves and return for another performance knowing that the pressure had just gotten even greater. Some of these athletes are hoping for a performance of a lifetime to earn a spot on the podium.  Others know that even their best performance will not put them close to medal contention but they are  there representing their country, their team and themselves to the best of their ability.  Add to all of this that they are performing in a nearly empty venue which lacks the energy from the usual crowd in attendance.

In business, there are times when we can feel a similar pressure although rarely are we performing in front of an Olympic sized audience. Still, there are times when despite the team or support system in place, it is up the individual to perform.

Performance in a big moment isn’t just made up of those few seconds in the spotlight but in all of the years of preparation, learning, practice and experience leading up to it.  Whether in athletic competition or business, moments are comprised of the countless hours of preparation which ultimately results in providing the customer the perfect product or service just when it is needed.

So, the next time you’re feeling a bit too tired to carry on, dig deep and draw on your inner Olympic athlete as you complete one more weld, turn of a lathe, tighten a final bolt or put the finishing touches on a report or proposal to deliver the perfect product or service one more time.

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