Growth (April 2015)

In order to achieve business and personal growth, you have to make sure that those around you are growing as well. One of the most satisfying engagements I have had during the past year is one in which I witnessed incredible personal growth in a finance professional at one of my clients.

When I started the engagement, we quickly realized that we had to fire someone who was not performing and wasn’t willing to change. In this day and age, “fired” almost seems like an old fashioned word that few other than Donald Trump use but there is no sense sugar coating it . . . sometimes, you just have to fire someone. There is a saying that I have always loved which is attributed to Vince Lombardi – If you aren’t fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.  Think about it.

In this case, we asked a member of the team to “step up”. Over the past year he has done an outstanding job. Through his growth he has allowed those above him in the organization to focus on higher level issues. At the same time, he has helped raise the game of those reporting to him in the organization so that they can in turn grow and add more value.

I am always amazed when I see people in organizations that hoard information or try to keep others down in order to build themselves up. This inhibits growth. While it might give them some job security in the very short term, over the long term this behavior is recognized and people who act in this manner tend to get weeded out of the organization.

I am constantly considering how to provide growth opportunities to those around me so that I can add value at the next level up. What are you doing to encourage the growth of those around you? Is everyone operating at their maximum capacity? Can you identify people who have untapped growth potential? What can you do to foster that potential?

Fostering growth in those around you will not only contribute to their growth but also to that of the organization and yourself as well.

Most people who are driven work hard and don’t’ have more hours to apply in order to get to the next level. We’re all answering emails, texts and voice mails early in the morning, late at night, and on weekends. Therefore growth has to come from using time more effectively and the best way of making that happen is by giving growth opportunities to those around you.

Make the most of the opportunity to help those around you grow. You will find that it not only enhances their opportunities but your bottom line as well.

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