Hollowness (April 2020)

I’ve been writing these posts monthly since April 2006. My intent has always been to provide something that is thought provoking and educational. As I write this post during the worldwide outbreak of Covid-19 my goal is the same while avoiding anything controversial. At a time when one might think we would come together, the political divide seems as deep as ever with the possible exception that politicians on both sides of the aisle seem willing to liberally spend taxpayer money that we don’t actually have (so much for avoiding controversy).

To me, there’s a hollowness to life right now. It reminds me of news stories I’ve seen about other countries that have built beautiful apartment or business complexes that are empty. We have bars and restaurants but they’re empty.  Most stores and shopping malls are closed and void of shoppers. Concert halls, theatres and sporting venues are vacant. Numerous businesses are shuttered. Many that are open are running at less than full capacity.

Online school is not the same despite everyone’s best efforts. Kids aren’t competing in sports or playing with their friends. They’re limited to engaging with each online. High school and college seniors are missing out on once in a lifetime moments. A drive by parade of cars does not substitute for a real birthday or graduation party with aunts and uncles, cousins and friends.

If you are working right now, either at your regular location or especially at home, give 100% effort. This is not the time to be a slacker. Your peers and supervisor know who is doing their best and who is just doing enough to get by. Everyone will remember how you behaved. And to the business owners, especially my clients, who are going out of their way to take care of their people, a heartfelt thank you.

If you’re among the fortunate few who are not worried about the economics of the current situation, I’d encourage you to consider those that are seriously impacted. In mid-March I published Spend! Lessen The Dip While We Flatten The Curve although it’s clearly gotten harder to find places to patronize. Now I would like to add, Give! While we debate the science, statistics and best course of action, one thing is certain, there are more people in need right now than there were several months ago and fewer who are able to help. If you are able, Give!

I have referenced Shark Fitness Training Boot Camp (follow the link to attend the online classes) in these posts more than once over the years. The owner, Keath Hausher, has a t-shirt that reads “Be Hard To Kill”. It has various meanings depending on the audience but for his civilian fitness clientele, it means being as healthy as possible. All else being equal, the Covid-19 virus is hardest on those with underlying medical conditions and unhealthy lifestyles.

I’ve heard some talk of a calmer life with more time to focus on family. Yes, I’ve enjoyed some family moments that might not have happened otherwise. Of particular note is a bike ride with my son. He took me to all of the secret places he usually goes with his friends. That said, I’m not sure how anyone can truly enjoy or appreciate these moments against the backdrop of 26 million newly unemployed as I write this. How can that not weigh on one’s mind?

I’m ready for the return to normal. And by that, I mean the old normal, not some new normal.

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