Lost or Found? (November 2017)

This is the third newsletter that I am writing as I sit in an airport delayed on my way back from Thanksgiving travels.  When the airline announced a flight delay, I had a decision to make. Would the delay end up being lost time or found time?  That decision would define how I used my time that afternoon.  The quickest path home was simply to wait it out. Years ago a flight delay caused me and some colleagues (plus a stranger who was also stranded and joined our little group) to drive all night to make our morning meetings.  But on this afternoon, I had no better option than to wait.

Being Thanksgiving I was traveling light.  No notebook or tablet; just my cell phone. I dashed off a few quick texts but really didn’t want to bother people on the holiday weekend.  My eight year old did have a sketch pad which he let me borrow and I purchased a few mechanical pencils from the airport drug store. With that, I set off drafting my monthly newsletter with paper and pencil.

The choice to spend an afternoon sitting in the airport was out of my control but how I used that time and the attitude I adopted for those next few hours were 100% within my control.  I was able to use the time productively and my little guy followed suit and did the same by completing some math homework (although that did take some encouragement from my wife and me).

So, was that time I spent waiting lost time or found time? Well, maybe a little bit of both. There were some plans that I had for when I arrived home that had to be changed.  On the other hand, a few hours of found quiet time with no distractions was a godsend and I used it to my fullest advantage.

Ask yourself how you react to these little bumps in the road of life.  Do you let them throw you for a loop or do you find a way to take advantage of them?  I’ll admit, there have been times when I’ve allowed delays or events that I can’t control ruin my day, but I’ve learned to be as adaptable as possible in order to take advantage of those situations and quickly pivot to a new place.

Let me share a few motivational quotes that are fitting to this topic. As always, I credit and / or blame Google for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the attributions.

“Attitude is Everything” the title of a book by Jeff Keller.

“Find A Way” the title of a book by former Pittsburgh Steeler and cancer survivor, Merril Hoge.  I recently had the opportunity to hear Mr. Hoge speak, I’d encourage you to do so if you ever have the chance.

And, perhaps the most important perspective under the circumstances and one which has defined my attitude about flight delays ever since I first heard it years ago.   “I’d much rather be down here wishing I was up there than up there wishing I was down here.”

How do you react to the unexpected events in both your personal and work life?  Whether it is an airport delay, a change in business conditions, or even something more challenging, the attitude you bring to bear determines your actions which in turn will determine the ultimate benefit or detriment of the unforeseen change of circumstances.

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